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NH Applauds Senate for Passing Amended SB399

By February 4, 2022No Comments

(Concord, NH – Feb 3, 2022) New Hampshire Right to Life (NHRTL) applauds the NH Senate for continuing to protect pregnant mothers and their preborn children by passing the amended SB399

The original SB399, sponsored by all 10 State Senators from the Democratic Party, would have caused New Hampshire to take an extreme position on abortion by allowing any preborn baby who could survive outside of the womb to be killed up until birth. 44 states have laws to protect preborn babies[1].

The amended SB399 simply clarifies when an ultrasound is required.

“By refusing to go backwards, the NH Senate upheld what most of us accept as common decency: that we should protect our children instead of subjecting moms to a risky procedure that endangers the mother and violates the human rights of her preborn child that can survive outside the womb. With our Safe Haven law, no one is forced to raise a child they don’t feel they can care for” said Jason Hennessey, President of NHRTL.

Giving birth is typically much safer for mothers than a late-term abortion [2]. This procedure ends a preborn child’s life, and places women in harm’s way.


2: “In addition, the risk of immediate maternal death from elective abortion procedures done after 20 weeks is greater than the risk of death from vaginal birth or cesarean section. Induction abortions are riskier than D&E abortions.” (includes citations). Post-Viability Abortion Bans (20 weeks post fertilization). Professional Ethics Committee of AAPLOG. 2017.

NH Right to Life is New Hampshire’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to the pro-life cause.

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