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Abortion Amendment CACR 14 – Hearing this Wed, Jan 22, 1:00pm in Concord

By January 20, 2020January 17th, 2022No Comments

CACR 14, would codify genocide into our NH Constitution with a “Right of Reproductive Health” clause that says: The right to make personal reproductive medical decisions is inviolate and fundamental to the human condition. Neither the State nor any political subdivision shall infringe upon or unduly inconvenience this right 

In the name of convenience, this would: 

  • Prevent future laws that provide any protection for the unborn (like a late term abortion ban, for which there is widespread support) 
  • Nullify the few protections that NH currently has (a partial birth abortion ban and parental notification for minors) 
  • Remove existing State oversight for some medical and all abortion practices, threatening women’s health and allowing for horrific, unsafe conditions like those with Kermit Gosnell 
  • Drive up taxpayer costs with unrestricted public funding for abortion, contraception, expensive fertility treatments, and more. 

Ellen Kolb, a prolific blogger and friend of Life, has a blog post with more information. 

While there are other important bills in the legislature that we will be contacting you about, CACR 14 is especially urgent because it would be difficult to undo. 

 If the House Judiciary Committee votes against recommending the bill, that could end it. Let them know that genocide is bad policy! 


LastName  FirstName  City  Phone  Email  Party 
Alexander  Joe  Goffstown  (603) 856-5227    R 
Altschiller  Debra  Stratham  (603) 686-1234    D 
Berch  Paul  Westmoreland  (603) 399-4960    D 
Burroughs  Anita  Glen  (603) 986-6216    D 
Chase  Wendy  Rollinsford  (603) 319-7259    D 
DiLorenzo  Charlotte  Newmarket  (603) 659-2140    D 
Gordon  Edward  Bristol  (603) 744-2139    R 
Griffin  Barbara  Goffstown  (603) 497-8286    R 
Hopper  Gary  Weare  (603) 529-7728    R 
Horrigan  Timothy  Durham  (603) 868-3342    D 
Janvrin  Jason  Seabrook  (603) 944-7449    R 
Keans  Sandra  Rochester  (603) 332-3472    D 
Kenney  Cam  Durham  (508) 677-5141    D 
Langley  Diane  Manchester  (603) 669-3626    D 
McLean  Mark  Manchester  (603) 668-0076    R 
Smith  Marjorie  Durham  (603) 868-7500    D 
Stevens  Deb  Nashua      D 
Sylvia  Michael  Belmont  (603) 707-8594    R 
Woodbury  David  New Boston  (603) 487-2634    D 

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