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No More Tax Dollars to Abortion Providers

On June 21, the Executive Council voted 4 – 1 to approve contracts with Planned Parenthood of New England and The Equality Center in Concord to the tune of $440,000.

Sadly, only Executive Councilor Dave Wheeler voted NO on this contract. Executive Councilors, Joe Kenney, Russell Prescott, Chris Pappas, and Andru Volinsky voted YES.

More future funding will be requested – of that you can be sure. And, NHRTL would like to show solidarity in our STOP FUNDING ABORTION campaign.

NHRTL believes it is way past time to say NO to our hard-earned taxpayer dollars being sent to abortion providers. Private businesses should support themselves and the taxpayer should not be forced to subsidize abortion activities. Period.

If you feel strongly that Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers should NOT be receiving our tax dollars, we ask you to sign this petition and share with others to do so as well. NHRTL will then turn this petition over to Governor Sununu to demonstrate NH citizens do not approve of this public policy.

Please, take a moment and sign this petition. We must work together to stop the policy of subsidizing abortion here in New Hampshire – one signature at a time!

Sign the Petition!

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