A NHRTL initiative

Changing Hearts and Minds Project

CHAMP offers a unique opportunity for individuals, churches, and community organizations to engage in dialogue and network in discussing life principles. Whether your group is 100 or 10, NHRTL would like to visit your group to discuss the different programs and initiatives available to your organization.

Item No.

01. Connect

Communities are introduced to NHRTL and issues and solutions are identified in individual communities with the goal of bringing a fresh voice to the debate of Life.

Item No.

02. Equip

Communities are equipped with resources and assistance, connecting the communities with each other through NHRTL.

Item No.

03. Grow

Take this template and build New England CHAMP to connect life organizations and resources throughout the New England region.

Ready to get started?

If you would like to participate in CHAMP, please email . We will be happy to meet with your group (free of charge) and assist in beginning the process of bringing an optimistic and encouraging message of Life to your community.